Yuriko Takagi 高木 由利子

Sei (Book & Exhibition)

Yuriko Takagi “Sei”


この度、フランスの出版社 EDITION ZAVIER BARRAL より『SEI』が出版される事になり、その出版を記念して、パリの GALERIE LAZAREW で個展を行う運びとなりました。渡欧なさる機会がございましたら、是非足をお運びいただけたら嬉しいです。

高木 由利子

Release date November 14, 2014
Photographs Yuriko Takagi
Technical data
Hardcover, 245×340 mm, 68 pages, 28 B&W photographs
Price 49€ TTC

Exhibition: “Sei”
Lazarew Gallery, Paris
14, rue du Perche, Paris, France
November 13 – December 27, 2014

Limited edition
Produced by amanasalto, Tokyo:
Box set with book,
and two platinum prints
Print size : 24,5 x 34,5 cm
Edition size : 30
Price : 1,000€ for the first 15


In this book, Japanese photographer Yuriko Takagi invites us on a journey into the heart of plant life, barely in bud, not yet perceptible to our senses. In Japanese, the word Sei is pronounced in the same way but offers a multitude of meanings: star, voice, blue, sex, energy, death, betrayal, peace of mind, purity… Yuriko Takagi opens up Pandora’s box as we discover her 28 plant buds, photographed in close-up and in black & white, that sketch out a constellation of mysterious worlds, without ever relinquishing what they are.


Press: Liberation


https://yurikotakagi.com/img/2014/11/liberation-2014-11-13.pdf (5MB)