Yuriko Takagi 高木 由利子

Exhibition at Galerie Lazarew

The Birth of Gravity in Paris
The Birth of Gravity in Paris

Exhibition Yuriko Takagi
21.02.2013 – 31.03.2013

Galerie Lazarew Paris
Av Louis Lepoutre, 112
Bruxelles 1050


When Yuriko Takagi stepped in the Gallery for the first time, as a mere visitor, we got captivated by her presence. We couldn’t help asking her if she was an artist, and we almost begged her to show us her artwork. Amazed by the beauty of her photographs, we made every endeavor to have her exhibit at our gallery. Thus,after a first exhibition in our Parisian gallery in Nov. 2012, it is a huge honour (coupled with a great pleasure) to present in Brussels her last series The Birth of Gravity.